Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tough Justice Exposed, Part 1 of 8, by Carla Cassidy

In this short first part of the eight part series of Tough Justice we find our heroine, an FBI agent, Lara Grant, embroiled in a plot that is intended to draw her out of her year long stay in protective custody so that the crime family that she put in prison from her undercover sting can bring pain, death and destruction to her life.

It starts innocently enough with Lara being called to the scene of a man threatening to jump off a window ledge and plunge to his death. The issue is why is an FBI agent being called to deal with this? Normally the local police would handle it. But she was asked for by name. That should have raised red flags.

As this drama unfolds it becomes apparent to Lara that it was just a way to get her to surface long enough for the media to catch her face on film and make it public information for everyone.

As that unfolds the real danger starts. Lara's life is put in danger and so are the lives of those she cares about, although she doesn't have many she cares about.

In this first of the eight part series we are introduced to Lara and her new partner and given background information about her previous undercover work and why she is in the place she is now.

The story is well written, it draws you in quickly and sets the stage for a great crime novel to follow. And as any good series of short stories it leaves you hanging at a point where you want more, no wait, not want, you NEED more.

But you will have to wait for the release of the next portion of the story.

This is a different way to read a novel, but it is a bit of a compelling way to catch your attention and hold it for a period of time.

I hope you will enjoy this first part and like me be waiting somewhat impatiently for the second part to be released in January.