Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Crush, by Heather Heyford

Again, another excellent novel incorporating wine country with a romance. The story line this time is really nice in having an Army Reserve Officer involved who happens to be a building expert. The short story lines of his humanitarian projects as well as the rebuilding projects from the military side are a good addition.

The fact that our Army Officer has a bit of a problem with commitment is very realistic and explains a problem that many career military families face. Lt. Santos loves the lifestyle that the military has afforded. He gets to travel the world and see many different places and provide helping hands to those in need through his construction project. He does not like to make a commitment that will cause him to put down roots, so he has had shallow relationships with women and no real ties to any one place.

On the other hand we have Juniper who grew up with a military father and was grateful when he finally retired and settled down in one place and allowed her to establish roots. She had been frustrated with having to move all the time and not really have established friendships and/or a place to call home.

So, when the two lifestyles clash a bit at their initial meeting you know that sparks will fly on several levels.

There are subtle sub-plots running throughout the novel and that makes it enjoyable and unique. It gives you things to think about and a good study in relationship building.

Overall for a Romantic Novel this has some very good plot structures that will allow you to think through how people build relationships and then how they finally can come to see their need for roots.