Friday, June 8, 2012

Looking Through Blind Eyes, by Reyna Hawk

When I was approached to read and write a review for this new author I wasn't sure what to expect. Usually I am blessed or disappointed with new writers. This time I was definitely blessed. Reyna Hawk has crisp clean writing skills. She develops characters well and develops plot lines extremely well. The book is about half the length of most novels now a days but that was not a drawback. As a matter of fact the plot was so well developed that the only disappointment in shortness was that the story was over and I wanted more. But she has another installment coming later this fall, so not to long to wait.

Now for the book review;

Daniel and Janie are brother and sister and are facing life together and alone. Their parents died in a house fire that appeared to be mysterious. The local townspeople are a bit afraid of Janie because she has the ability to see visions of the future or see into someones soul by just touching their hands. Now it is not with everyone, just with some. But enough so that people think she is a witch and maybe had something to do with her parents death.

Daniel lands a new job that is going to pay lots of money, but they have to move to California. So, they move. Daniel sets Janie up in a new home that is modest but very comfortable. He helps her to get a job (at a local bar even though she is not yet 21). The owner of the bar is connected with Daniel's new boss.

Janie meets Scott, a musical celebrity who falls for her. The problem is he is abusive. Daniel then introduces Janie to three of his friends, his boss and two associates. Janie is nervous around them because it appears they are not nice people. But one of them, Rico, thinks Janie is beautiful and wants to get to know her better. But what about Scott?

Worse than Scott is that Rico and friends are part of the Italian Mafia from New York. This makes things tense. If Rico wants to be with Janie then Scott might want to look elsewhere for love so that he may maintain his health.

During this time Daniel is murdered. He dies in a burning car. Why? It appears to be a mob hit. Janie is left now without any family and without the one person who cares for her. Janie finds a note from Daniel, it tells her that something might happen to him and if it does to stay close to Rico because he is the only one that Daniel trusts and secondarily Rico loves Janie. Really, stay close to the mob guy? Hmmmm.

Back to Scott. Scott eventually goes ballistic and kidnaps Janie. Enter Rico and Anthony and friends to save the day, OK, they save Janie but it costs Scott big time. Rico takes Janie with him back to New York and now she has to live with the mafia while maintaining their secret about what happened to Scott.

To make things short, good goes to bad and Janie becomes a liability. Anthony wants Rico to end Janie's life. Can he do it? Will he do it? What will happen when he tries to do it? Will Janie survive and bring done an Italian Mafia family?

Those art the questions and the story does a wonderful job of making you want to know what is going to happen. Part of the plot is predictable but then out of left field a surprise comes along that really helps with the plot.

The ending is good and will give you the desire to know more about what is going to come next.

I'm sure you will enjoy this new writer and her work as much as I did.

One disclaimer for my church readers. There is a bit of steamy sex in the book, not bad, not over the top too much. But it is there. If you know my drill, just skip those few paragraphs and it won't distract from the overall story. Remember this is a crime family and their morals are not necessarily the same as yours :)


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  1. Thank you Pastor Dan,
    I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book and I am excited and anxious for book 2 (The Reflection of Secrets) to come out. I will notify you as soon as it is available. Thank you again and God bless you.

    Reyna Hawk