Monday, August 6, 2012

Smeared, by Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers first novel is a home run. He writes a story about a young Chief of State for a long term Senator. Hartford Keepe, is a man who loves to run the office of Senator Harold Feldstone. He loves to spin the story, to turn heads, to trump the next power player and keep his guy on top. He is good at his job and is paid well to continue it.

But Senator Harold Feldstone's ratings are dropping and re-election is coming. They need to do something to turn things around so that they get re-elected and stay in power. Hartford comes up with a concept, Listen to America (LTA) an opportunity for Congress and the Senate to appear to want to hear from America and look like they care about the people, when really all they want to do is get re-elected and keep their paychecks and pensions secure.

On the way home from work Hartford sees a man who is being harassed by the Park Police. He stops because he doesn't like the policeman whom he sees doing the harassing. He intervenes only to discover that Thomas, the man being harassed, is dressed like a colonial Minuteman and has no memory of his last name or where he came from. As a matter of face he appears to only remember the Colonial times and the Founding Fathers of our country.

Keepe takes him home to Annie, his live in, and they do their good samaritan routine and give Thomas a place to live and some much needed help.

Through a series of events Thomas ends up starting to sell T-Shirts on the Capital Mall that have the sayings of our Founding Fathers and the imagine of a Minuteman on the shirt. While selling the shirts he is also talking to all the tourist about history, government, what the Founding Fathers meant by the Constitution, etc. He is giving Civic's, Government and History lessons to the people. He is also listening to their concerns about what is happening in America.

Thomas ends up being tapped by Hartford and his Senator to be the man to "Speak for the People of America" for the Listen to America Program. But that is where the fun will come in.

Hartford and Miss Annie are really growing to care about Thomas. Thomas is growing to be a man of the people, but a pain in the backside for the media and the government.

Rogers novel is well conceived, well written and just down right fun to read. It also has a good bit of mystery in it, such as, where did Thomas come from? Is he from the past? How does he know so much but have no memory? Why is the government interested in him?

Rogers then goes on to weave in his political views of where America is, what is wrong with the Media, what is wrong with Government and what we the People need to do to take back the best of our country. He calls those who love America to unite and stand up for what the Founding Fathers wanted.

His book is a fun read. But I know that it will also irritate lots of political science majors, lots of Liberals, lots of special interests groups. But I for one think that Mark has caught well what the average American believes about his country.

You might not agree with Roger's views, but you will be entertained by his book.


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