Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Support and Defend, by Mark Greaney (A Tom Clancy, Campus Novel)

Mark Greaney is coming of age as a writer on par with Tom Clancy. This most current addition to the Tom Clancy library of books is a good edition. Greaney gets it right and as such shows great honor to his mentor Tom Clancy.

In this book about "The Campus" we are going to focus on a new hero, Dominic Caruso. He is fast becoming one of the best character additions that has been made to the Clancy legacy. Dominic while still trying to recover from injuries he has sustained in other adventures is now tasked with saving American by stopping the flow of national secrets to other countries, i.e. he has to stop a spy. With the Edward Snowden fiasco that our country has faced this book is timely.

Greaney builds up the character of Caruso and gives us someone other than Jack Ryan Senior and Jack Ryan Junior that we can put our faith in and find plenty of adventure.

The writer is so good that you will think that Clancy would be proud to know that his protege is doing so well. I picked up the book and spent a sleepless night getting through it, much like I did years ago when I read my first Tom Clancy novel. (Back then I read five of his novels in five days while on vacation and think I slept about 6 hours that week).

The book starts a bit slow, at least I think it does, but then it picks up speed and keeps picking up speed until the final conclusion. Caruso is relentless (what else would you expect from a cousin of the Ryan Clan!!)

I loved the book and feel that any Clancy fan will love the book.

After you read this you need to start reading the Gray Man series that is truly just Mark Greaney. You will love that as well.

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