Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Governor's Wife, by Michael Harvey

With her husband indicted and convicted of multiple crimes it appears that Marie Perry will have the next twenty to thirty years without her husband at home. As Governor his trial has been big news, especially since it is Illinois where almost every Governor seems to end up corrupt.

But rather than going to jail Ray Perry disappears from the courthouse after sentencing and is not seen from again. How he did that no one knows. Where he is, no one knows, how he will survive, well, that is known to some, Ray Perry ran off with 50 to 60 million dollars of illegal funds that really were not his and the "mob" or whoever they are wants it back.

Enter Michael Kelly, Private Investigator, former cop. He is sent an anonymous E-mail and wired $100,000.00 to hire him to find Ray Perry. Thus starts an adventure that could cost Kelly his life. Will he take the job? Will he work for someone who is not named? Will he do what nobody has been able to do for a couple of years, find Ray Perry?

The story is well crafted, the characters are very well developed and the side plots of the story are as interesting as the story itself. Corrupt Politics in Illinois is nothing new, but this brings to light much of what happens when power goes to someone's head.

The story isn't long, but it is packed with true nuggets of creative writing.


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