Monday, September 7, 2015

The Cardinal's Sin, by Robert Lane

Have you ever stopped and wondered about the morals of a man who has been trained to kill by his government? Does he have thoughts about it being right or wrong? Does the right of ending the life of a terrorist trump the thoughts of the wrong of ending another humans life?

So, now imagine that the professional killer is given a task to kill a man and discovers that he has actually ended the life of the wrong person. How would he feel about his action? How will he come to terms with his action? Especially how will he respond when he discovers that the man he killed is a Cardinal of the Catholic Church? Even though the Cardinal was not an innocent person, he did have sin in his life (don't we all?) was it still right or wrong for this man to end the Cardinal's life?

The quest for truth and the quest to end the life of the true target will take Jake Travis on a wild adventure of discovering hidden truths and hidden lies that will effect the lives of many people. The most important person, to Jake Travis, that this will effect is the love of his life, Kathleen. That is because he has lied to her about what he does, he has driven her away by belittling her and the profession that she has chosen. He has made her feel small.

Will he win her love back? Will he find the answers to why the Cardinal had to die? Will he learn the truth of the Cardinal's sin? Will he eventually find the true target and fulfill his task?

All these questions are woven into a story that is intriguing and filled with genuine life issues. Robert Lane does a good job of developing his characters, developing his plot and keeping the secrets hidden just below the surface for the length of the book. I'm sure you will fully enjoy the novel as you run toward the finish line waiting to find out the answers to all the questions.


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