Friday, January 1, 2016

Undaunted Hope, by Jody Hedlund

First of all I want to thank Net Galley and the Publisher for making an advance review copy of this book available to me for review. You may pre-order the book on Amazon or at your favorite book distributor. It will be released in a month or so.

In this third book of the series we have Tessa moving to a new location to be a school teacher. She has left behind her sister and brother-in-law and the lighthouse where she grew up. She hates lighthouses and wants nothing to do with them since they were the cause of her mother's death, her father's death and where her younger sister died from illness. She is done with lighthouse work and light keepers.

She has come to Eagle Harbor as the new school teacher. It is a copper mining town that is cut off from the rest of the world during the winter because Lake Superior freezes over.

When she arrives she is accosted by a deck hand from her boat who tries to seduce her. She resists and falls off the pier and into the water. A man who had been fishing comes to her rescue.

He is handsome, strong, rugged, etc. the only problem is, he is the assistant Light Keeper for the local Lighthouse. So, Tessa wants nothing to do with him. Alex Bjorklund though might have other ideas, because frankly, Tessa Taylor is beautiful.

To complicate things the town was expecting a male teacher. Mr. Updegraff the town boss doesn't want a female teacher, he wants a male teacher. He will make Tessa's life harsh all winter.

So the scene is set and the novel that follows is well developed, has several themes running through it from grief and loss to judgmental and prejudicial people to sexual misconduct, etc.

The story is going to keep your interest and give me much to think about. How will Tessa fare? How will the children do under her teaching spell? How will Mr. Updegraff handle the situation? And finally how will Alex be able to win Tessa's heart, or will he?

I'm sure you will enjoy the story.

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