Sunday, February 28, 2016

Playing the Part, by Jen Turano

When her stepfather loses at poker his marker that he tries to cash in is his lovely stepdaughter. Lucretta Plum is an actress, but not just any actress, she is one of the most gifted actresses of her time. Many a man would love to have her on his arm and build a relationship with her. The only problem is that she doesn't want to have a relationship with any man.

Not only that but the man her Stepfather has lost her to in poker is the worse of the worse and she wants nothing to do with him. So, what does any good self respecting young woman do? She runs away.

But that's what makes the story interesting. Lucretia runs away with her Landlord and her body guard. Where do they run to? Well, of all things a castle! But not just any castle, this one is owned by the grandson of her Landlady.

It's the late 1800's in New York and Lucetta is just trying to get far away and out of sight. But what she doesn't expect is to run into Bram, the grandson, who has an infatuation with Miss Plum. Not to mention the fact that he is handsome beyond belief. But still, she wants nothing to do with any man.

In a very Pride and Prejudice way of writing (only the roles of Darcy and Elizabeth are reversed) we find that Bram and Lucetta have a love/hate relationship or at best a love/tolerating relationship.

The writing style is very good and the story line is well conceived and developed. There are enough charcacters to make any reader happy and they are all developed well.

Enjoy this fun frolick through a Castle that has everything from a moat to a cannon to a knight in shining armor.

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