Monday, January 16, 2017

A Bend in the Willow, by Susan Clayton-Godlner

What an excellent novel. I am so glad that the author contacted me with a suggestion that I might like this book.

The writing is wonderful, she captures the essence of her characters very well and develops them easily into people whom you feel you have known forever.

The themes of the book are many and are also developed well. This book would lend itself well to any "Book Club," "Coffee Clutch," or for a family who reads together and shares together.

The themes are these 1) Love and Transparency, 2) Truthfulness and Forgiveness, 3) Trust and openness, 4) The pain of childhood abuse, 5) The pain of war and the ravages on those who serve, 5) The fear of medical uncertainty, 6) The fear of a parent loosing a child, and finally 7) Why hiding your past may painfully effect your future

These themes are woven into a wonderful story that will leave you wanting more. Little Michael Henry, young, energetic, full of wonder and love has a secret that he knows nothing about, the secret is his body is about to fail him.

What will his parents do as the sickness sends their lives into a spiral. How will Catherine's past also send them into a further spiral? What will be the keys to bind their relationships even more firmly, or will they unravel.

I won't say more because that would be too much of a spoiler, but let me say this, when the book ended, I wanted more. I'm sure you will feel the same.


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