Thursday, May 10, 2012

Eyes of Justice by Liz Wiehl

I thoroughly enjoyed this book from Lis Wiehl. This was my first exposure to her writing and I fell in love with her style. Although this was not the first in the series I didn't have any trouble picking up the story line nor did it feel as though I was lost because I hadn't read the previous works. Each of the characters is well developed. The newest character to be added, Ophelia, is defined well, accommodates the story well and I am sure will be a welcome addition to future works.

If you enjoy crime novels you will enjoy this wonderful book. Lis does a good job and delivers a knock out book.

The story revolves around the Triple Threat Team, a prosecutor, an FBI agent and a television crime reporter. The three women have known each other since high school (although they weren't friends back then) and have teamed up to solve many a crime and bring 'justice' to bear for all involved.

But this time there is a problem. Someone is stalking the team members. At first they don't realize that and it is deadly. But as the story evolves it becomes evident that someone wants to eliminate the entire Triple Threat Team. Why? Who? Those are the two questions that must be answered before everyone is dead.

The team deals with one tragedy and thinks that it has been put to rest when the next tragedy strikes and upsets the apple cart. Then as they are investigating whether they were wrong about the first crime another tragedy strikes. People are being hurt. People are dying. Why? Can whoever is behind all this be caught.

Enter Ophelia, a new character (I understand) to the series. She is brought in to try and help solve some issues and provide insights that the others can not bring to the table at this time. But will she solve the mystery in time to save everyone? Will she prove to be as intelligent and capable as Leif thinks she is? Oh and did I mention that she is odd? Yeah, she is a bit socially awkward. But that's OK because she is stinking rich! Or is it?

When a killer moves in to take down the team how will Ophelia respond? How will Nic and Allison respond? Will the outcome be what you expect? Maybe, maybe not.

That's what makes this writing so good. No one is safe. Wiehl is not afraid to eliminate a character if need be to make the story more riveting. But the question is, will she?

What a great read. Buy the book, get a cup of coffee and settle in for a fun read. Oh, and don't plan on doing anything else until you finish the book because you will be riveted to your seat until you finish.

Yeah, I liked the book and think you will to. Oh, and for my Christian readers, you will enjoy the way the Lis Wiehl weaves her faith into the story and brings about a very realistic look at how many of us approach our relationship with God, it only gets intense as our problems get intense. But then Allison will discover that really God has been in control and He has worked things out in a way that brings Him honor and glory although it might not be how we would work things out.

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