Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Simple Spring; by Rosalind Lauer

Where did I find this novel?

I was sent an Advance Reader Copy of this novel by the Amazon Vine Program (which means I didn't pay for the book as long as I review it).  I was intrigued because Rosalind Lauer is a new Christian Fiction writer and I am always looking for new author's who will speak with a good Christian voice in their works.

The book is an Amish genre book.  If you enjoy Beverly Lewis, you will enjoy this book.

So now for the review;

The Amish genre has pretty well exploded after the success of Beverly Lewis. Many Christian authors are now writing very similar stories. Most of the time the story revolves around the Rumpspringer time of a teenagers life when they struggle to decide whether to join the church or face being cast out of the community.

Sadie is no different. She is in her running around time and so she has been working outside the community (as well as doing chores at the farm). One difference for her is that her parents have died and her older brother is now in charge and he is not as tolerant as her father was, that's causing tension.

Sadie has a beautiful singing voice. But singing is not something the Amish push, except from their prayer book / hymnal. But Sadie believes God gave her a gift and wants to use it. She meets an English boy who gets her in a band.

Now she is living a dual life. Amish during the day and Englisher Band Singer at night. What would her brother or the Bishop think of this.

Then Sadie meets another English boy who is also thinking of walking away from his family business. They have much in common and start spending time together.

The story unfolds well and is well written, although I felt it started a bit slow.

Overall, if you like Amish / Christian fiction you will enjoy this book!

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