Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Political Suicide, by Michael Palmer

Michael Palmers new novel featuring Dr. Lou Welcome is sure to be one of your best buys of the holiday season. The character development is rich, the story lines are crisp and sharply written. The close to reality of the scenario will keep you turning the pages until you get to the end and are left wanting more.

Dr. Lou Welcome is a true loyal friend, who also has a set of moral values and tenacity that an Explorer Scout would be desirous of. Lou is the kind of guy that has faced his own problems up close and come out the better man on the other side.

In this gripping novel he is faced with helping a friend prove his innocence in the murder of a U S Congressman. The police feel they have an open and shut case and it would appear as though they are correct. But Lou comes to his friends aid only to discover that the Congreeman had some heavy duty enemies in the Secretary of Defense and a Marine Colonel who have a dirty little secret that they are closely guarding. But would that have been enough for them to kill a congressman?

Now enter Susan Cooper, the high price defense lawyer, who also happens to be a beautiful and you weave a burgeoning love affair into the triangle of this novel. Too bad that her first husband died at the hands of a neglectful doctor. This leaves her with a distaste for doctors, especially one sticking his nose into her business. But, yeah folks, you see it coming, that attractional tension between man and woman that adds flavor to a story.

As the book winds it's way through all the aspects of a great novel there will be other characters who enter the picture and restore your faith in the fact that there are still honest, upright,people with integrity that builds in them true courage in the face of terror.

Also the sub plot of a military unit filled with men who have no fear and you will have a great read.

Thanks Michael for a wonderful new novel.

In the fairness of honesty I want to thank Mr. Palmer and his publicist, Lizzie, for sending me a review copy of the book. It was a wonderful gift.

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