Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vigilante by Kerry Wilkinson

Someone is on the prowl and killing off the "scum" of the earth. This delights some, including some police officers, but disturbs others. Our Vigilante is someone who is taking the lives of criminals who appear to have beaten the system and gotten off free and clear. But the amazing thing is that the DNA samples that are picked up from the victims point towards a man that is already behind bars.

How can our vigilante be a man who is already in prison serving a life sentence? That is what drives detective Jessica Daniel's crazy. All the DNA points towards McKenna, a man behind bars. So, Daniel's sets out to prove that he is the killer. Somehow he is getting out and killing these people and then getting back into prison.

Is a guard helping him to do this? Or has he dug a tunnel? Or is he maybe being framed? These are all questions that Daniels has to answer and she is doing her best to work on this.

Wilkinson takes us on a wild ride trying to determine who the hunter/killer is. The usual DNA match that would definitely prove someone is guilty of a crime is is disturbing as it points to a present inmate and it appears after investigation that said inmate has not been able to get out of prison and do these crimes.

To up the ante in this game the killer "accidentally" kills Daniel's friend Corrie Jones. Is this because Corrie is a criminal herself or is it just being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Daniel's is also dating for the first time in forever. Her date is one of the lab scientist who is working on the case. How will she and Adam get along? Will the case mess with their relationship?

Wilkinson weaves a solid story through the many issues he will explore. Those issues are good detective work, DNA samples and how they are used and/or abused. Also through the story we find lying, deceit, manipulation and love. All these set in motion the story and it is a good one.

I believe you will thoroughly enjoy the writing. Our writer is new to us in America, but proven in his home country of the United Kingdom. So, this is not a first time author with first time author mistakes. He is accomplished and has developed his craft well. You will enjoy every minute of this Detective Novel.

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