Friday, March 28, 2014

Predators, who they are and how to stop them! by Gregory Cooper and Michael R. King

I was doing research for our counseling staff on the topic of Stalking. I had several major books on
the psychology behind the criminal mind and they were very academic. I went to the local library and stumbled across this book and am so glad I did.

Cooper is a former profiler for the FBI and brings plenty of experience and savvy understanding to the problem of predator's and stalkers. While I learned a lot from his book what made it a nice break from the heavy academics was his method of telling stories of actual cases that they had to profile and solve.

Through their case studies you learned the mind of the criminal and what drove them to do what they did. Then in each case study Cooper then gives the reader practical guidelines on how to make their lives safer from a predator or stalker. The book is well written, easy to read, holds your interest well and then gives you great practical advice.

This quickly became one of my favorite books while researching the topic.

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