Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rum Running - Terrorist - Communist takeover - Isaac Bell, AWESOME

I loved the Isaac Bell series when it first came out. The settings on the trains was new and different and Cussler did a great job with it. Then we had the airplane race across America.

Now we have The Bootlegger. The story is good, but it drags. It doesn't seem to have the same exhilarating detail and tension of the previous Isaac Bell novels. BUT, the writing is good, the story is good and, well it's Clive Cussler.

The story is going to involve several items. The Communist Party, Prohibition, Bootlegged alcohol, fast speed boats and lots of gun play. All in all that is a Cussler novel.

Isaac will need to do a lot of the work on his own this time because Mr. Van Dorn is wounded in the opening of the book. His injuries are grave and the whole agency is thrown into turmoil. Isaac will rally the troops and they will set on a quest to find the rum runners who gunned down the boss. They will also do their best to stop the bootlegging business altogether.

Along with this they will uncover a communist plot to take over America, as well as a terrorist plot to deploy bombs in the U.S.

The action is fast paced, the scenes change quickly and travel from New York to Detroit to Canada to Florida and the Caribbean and back again. Much of this is done with a couple of speed boats with armor plating and plenty of firepower.

The story will capture you and move you along. I just didn't think it was quite as interesting as past novels, otherwise I would have given it a five.

Enjoy! Oh, and enjoy a new character, Asa Sommers, let's hope he survives this trial by fire!

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