Saturday, February 21, 2015

Full Tilt, by Rick Mofina

A journalist is on a personal crusade to find her long lost sister. Authorities tell her that her sister died in a cold river but Kate knows in her heart that she is still alive. Then her sisters necklace that is the twin to hers is found in a barn where a fire took two lives and leaves a grizzly trail of other bodies. A serial killer is on the loose and has Kate's sister been one of his early victims or is she still alive after 15 years of being missing?'

Themes that are addressed in the book are grieving, loyalty, hope, fear and crippling doubt that sometimes weaves itself into the issues. Each theme is subtlety woven through the story in the lives of many of the characters. A further theme is the mindset and background of a serial killer, how he becomes one, what drives him, etc.

The final theme is that a journalist is as good as any detective or FBI agent when they are driven by a story and truly want to get to the truth that underlies everything. Kate does her work well and eventually the FBI, the police, and State Troopers come to understand how good she is at fact checking a story and uncovering the truth.

Kate's work will help lead them to the killer. It will help her find out the truth about her sisters disappearance. It will also make her a target of the killer as he is driven to make mistakes and wants Kate to pay for that.

The story is well conceived, it is well written and it will match up with any other mystery, police thriller, journalist thriller that you have ever read.


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