Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Last Sicarius, by Van R. Mayhall, Jr.

I want to thank iUniverse and Net Galley for making a review copy of this novel available to me for free in exchange for a review.

In this second novel regarding the Apostle Judas, Van Mayhall has extended his thriller to push the reader to the edge of their seat and beyond. In the first book, Judas the Apostle, we found Dr. Cloe Lejeune, an ancient languages professor, drawn into a mystery surrounding an ancient jar her father had found in WWII when he fell into a cave. This ancient jar became a sought after item when it was revealed that it could contain The Judas Gospel, supposedly written by Judas about his three years with Christ.

The last novel ended in the death of the Kolecktor who was the evil person pursuing Cloe and her friends and the Judas Jar. But with him dead it seems that all is well. That is until the Vatican comes back to Dr. Lejeune and informs her that they want to find the cave and the other jars. Then it turns out that the Kolecktor's servant and estranged son have taken over the search or the jars. They are trying to put an end to the Sicarius who are the ancient group of Jews who are protecting the jars.

This novel draws on history and draws also on the institute of the Vatican to bring about a well documented work that is so close to actual truth that it provides the reader with a work that they will be drawn into and won't be able to put down.

Will Dr. Cloe Lejeune, her son and the Catholic Priests be able to thwart the new Karik and his thugs while protecting the Last Sicarius and the Ancient Jars containing many of the works of the early church fathers?

The book is amazing. I will state that there are some things that happen in the book that I found sad, because you come to appreciate the different characters so well. But that just helps to make the story very realistic.

Again, this is a classic case of Good verses Evil and the question of who will win?

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