Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Fall, by John Lescroart

I want to thank the publisher and Net Galley for making a copy of the book available to me in exchange for a review.

This is another in the Dismas Hardy series. In this novel we are introduced to Dismas daughter, Rebecca, "The Beck", who has become a lawyer and is cutting her teeth in the business. She is going to be hired to defend a murder suspect. That is a bit out of the ordinary because of being a new lawyer, but with her father as her mentor it doesn't seem to far fetched.

The police department and the District Attorney have been taking some heat for their handling of cases involving African American's. They seem to be wanting to take this particular case and make it an example of a new attitude. The Beck will have her hands full with the case and the question is will she be up to the challenge or not. Will she provide a good defense for her client or will she screw things up because she is unseasoned.

The courtroom drama scenes are good, the development of the characters and the plot are good.

I enjoyed the novel very much and now look forward to going back and reading some of the first novels in the series. If you are a John Lescroart fan you are going to really enjoy this novel.

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