Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Fateful Lightning, by Jeff Shaara

Sweeping Epic Novel about the final aspects of the Civil War. This 600 page novel will follow Sherman's march to the sea after the burning of Atlanta. Shaara has done his homework in putting this novel together. He hits the historic points spot on and yet turns them into a readable story that will enliven the history as you have never read before.

General Sherman is a famous character in the Civil War. He has been portrayed as ruthless and vile by many. But here we find that Shaara paints the picture of a more contemplative general, one who is haunted by the gore and agony of the civil war. The General is a man who has lost one son, who was the drummer boy for his troops. His other son is an infant whom he has not yet seen. This tragedy marks him with sorrow and pains him to no end.

Shaara will put you inside the mindset of General Sherman and give you a history lesson from one of the great General's of the Civil War. It is like you have sat down with the General for a private interview and he has opened his heart and soul to you about what has gone on. Sure some of this is speculation, but it is speculation that is well founded on the research that Shaara has done on the subject.

If you are a Civil War Buff or someone who loves historical novels then this is a must read for you.


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