Thursday, August 20, 2015

Scents and Sensibility, by Spencer Quinn

Some people say you should never write a book from an animals point of view, but I disagree, I kind of like it. Chet the Jet is Bernie's dog and as much of a Private Investigator as Bernie is. The two form a team that is unbeatable.

In this particular novel they have come home from a visit to Washington D.C. and have found a couple of issues. One is that the safe in Bernie's house has been pried out of the wall and stolen. In that safe is his grandfathers watch, a timepiece that is priceless. Bernie goes next door and discovers that his neighbor has a new Saguaro Cactus in his front yard. Now, a Saguaro is not suppose to be dug up and moved from one location to another, that is against the law. But that isn't the main problem. Bernie wants to ask about his house and if anyone stole the key that the Parson's had to his home.

The key can't be found and it turns out that the Parsons son Billy is the most likely candidate. But before we can go there Ellie Neuberg shows up and wants to question the Parson's on where they got the Saguaro. She is the conservation officer tasked when hunting down people who steal the cactus. This one happens to have had a chip implanted in it and has informed her that it has been dug up and moved.

So, now the hunt is on, where is Billy and did he steal the safe as well as the Cactus?

Death and mayhem soon follow. Bernie and Chet the Jet are drawn into the fray. Who will win? Who will prove to be the thief? Who will prove to be the murderer? And what will happen with Bernie and Chet as they rush into danger.

The novel is well developed, well written and fun. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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