Thursday, August 28, 2014

Nine Years Gone, by Chris Culver

Steve Hale did something as a college student that seemed correct at the time but now is coming back to haunt him. Nine years ago he helped his girlfriend, Tess Girard, disappear. But they also framed her father, Dominique for her kidnapping and murder. But the body was never found, because Tess never died.

Now, nine years later, Dominique has been put to death by the State of Missouri for his conviction, and Tess has resurfaced into Steve's life and is causing major trouble.

Steve is married and working on adopting his niece. He is a successful writer and his wife a successful doctor. But their lives are about to change as Tess brings death, turmoil, seduction and blackmail into their lives. Tess wants Steve back. She also wants Steve to kill her mother so that she can get more money from the family.

Chris Culver is a great writer, the mystery and suspense are fantastic. His writing will keep you turning the pages and keep you guessing about how it is going to turn out until the very last chapter.

I thought this was one of the best mystery / thrillers that I have read in several years. I can't give it six stars, but I would have.

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