Monday, August 18, 2014

The Billionaire Club, by Will Dresser

On New Years Day the richest man in the world and his entire family is gunned down by the Mexican Cartel, or was it someone else? This is the beginning of the end for the world's Billionaires. It turns out that someone is taking his time in killing off the richest people in the world in order of their wealth.

As each one is moved to the top slot they become the next target. Wes Franklin and his team see the pattern and try to take action. But their adversary is a bit to slick for them and is able to continue his hunt for the Billionaires. At issue is his desire to obtain their wealth through false documents that change the wills of the Billionaires.

Eventually Franklin and his team will meet up with an old friend, and I mean a very old friend, Jared Kennan Cain. Can Cain help them put an end to the chaos?

The book is well written and it appears that Dresser is improving with every book. Having met with the author on one occasion to discuss his books I appreciate his desire to bring history, Egyptian antiquities and murder and mystery together. I think he does a very good job. His book is well researched and his use of multiple international locations is superb. He gives good and accurate detail to the sites that he uses in the book.

His character development is good. While we know the main heroes of the story he brings in new villains that he has to develop, and develop them he does. We get to know Reggie Harper, a billionaire in his own right very well. We get to know his greed, his pure evil, his desire to accumulate more and more wealth with no concern for others. His team of thugs is also amazing. A former Ultra Flight Club Champion who is the worlds deadilest weapons free fighter. His fists can put down an elephant. He is also ruthless.

Then there is the right hand man for Reggie, Bruce Billingsley. He is the accountant, computer genius who has the ability to break through any fire wall and steal money out from under the noses of even the most meticulous billionaire and his lawyers.

All these come together to form a gang of cutthroats who don't care one whit about men, women or children when it comes to getting what they want.

The story is a great descriptor of the greed that can consume anyone in our world today. The story is fast paced and riveting, but the moral implications are stunning and frightening.

Thanks Will for another great book.

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