Thursday, August 7, 2014

Shadow Maker by James Hannibal

Friends, this is the second book by James Hannibal.  Shadow Catcher was his first.  I have become internet friends with James as we share some very common beliefs.  He is a Christian and has a strong work ethic and moral integrity.  He is a former U.S. Air Force Pilot.  He has flown the A-10 Wart Hog, Predator Drones and the B-2 Stealth Bomber.  He knows his stuff.  That makes this book very interesting in that he takes the story a step beyond a Predator Drone strike to show the aftermath and reprisal's that it can bring.

I truly hope you will give James a read.  He also has a blog at

Nick Baron is back and in for the Chess game of his life. Baron is part of a team that has used drones to deliver killing strikes at terrorist targets. But he and the others take great pains to avoid collateral damage at all costs.

They have track a terrorist to his dessert home and are ready to strike. There appears to be no one there that would keep them from launching the attack. So, it is confirmed and put into play. BUT, then walks out the son of the terrorist that they are after. They try to abort the mission but it is too late. The explosion comes at a cost, collateral damage.

This collateral damage will come back to haunt Nick and all his friends and workers at Romeo Seven. They will be targeted for death because of this drone strike.

Not only that but the world will be brought to it's knees by the terrorist who wants revenge. Can Nick and the Romeo Seven organization be able to stop the destruction or will they be eliminated one by one as the chess game plays on.

James Hannibal brings us a mystery/military thriller that will give you a reason to stop and think through what the importance of our drone project is, what war is truly like, what happens when collateral damage occurs and finally what love and loyalty can make people do.

The action is non-stop and you will be drawn in and not want to stop reading until you get to the end.

One thing I thought about while reading this story is the historical fact that many coups that happened throughout history had the victor executing all of the family members of the former King or Dictator. I always wondered why they would do that when it included innocent children and women. Well, Hannibal gives us a good reason to understand why that practice use to happen and was more the norm than the unusual.

Nick will deal with a lost breed of ancient assassins who are fanatical in their desire to bring hurt and pain to the people whom their leader wants brought down. But their work is to start by killing all those around their final victim to inflict as much hurt and pain as possible.

What will happen to Nick, to Romeo Seven, to Nick's family and his friends?

So, why did I give the book four stars? Well, the book is good, but I am sure that Hannibal will get better with more writing and bring us another book that will be the one that hits it out of the park. Hannibal just has a little more maturing to do as a writer.

The read is good, enjoy!

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