Friday, September 12, 2014

Game, by Barry Lyga

What would it be like to live as the son of one of the Nation's most feared Serial Killer? Jasper Dent has had to learn what this was like. His father Billy Dent was captured and put in jail for the multiple murders that he committed. Jasper was left to live with his grandmother, who happens to be a bit crazy.

In this sequel to "I Hunt Killers," Jasper is trying to move on after having helped capture the Impressionist, who was mimicking his father. Along with Sheriff G. William and his friends Howie and Conscience, they have locked up the Impressionist and Lob's Nod can go back to a normal peaceful small town existance.

But then two things happen, one a Detective from New York comes to see Jasper and asks him to help them with solving a rash of murders that are happening in New York. Then on top of that Billy Dent escapes prison.

The "Game" is on, or has it been on for quite some time? Is Billy Dent training others on how to be Serial Killers? Or is Billy the one doing the killing? Or is it someone even closer to Billy and Jasper than Jasper has ever thought?

The writing is excellent. The plot draws you in and holds your attention throughout the book. The danger is at level 10 for most of the book, although at times it doesn't seem that way.

The new cast of characters are well developed. There is Hughes, the New York Detective, Captain Montgomery his superior, and then FBI agent Morales. Each of these characters will bring their own take to the plot and add to the thrill of the chase.

But Jasper is the key. He will be the one to figure things out, along with Conscience his girlfriend.

You won't want to put down the book until you get to the end. It is draining to say the least of your emotions.


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