Thursday, September 4, 2014

Night Blindness, by Susan Strecker

Childhood Romance often turns into marriage and a happily ever after.  But for Jensen and Ryder this was not the case. A trauma in their life drives them apart just at the time when they should be celebrating and telling the world of their love for each other. Jensen's brother Will is playing high school football and is hit hard, hard enough that he is sent to the hospital to have an evaluation.

The hospital releases him and he goes home, but a tragic event at home has Jensen pushing him and he strikes his head a second time in a few short hours. He dies right on the spot, changing Jensen's life forever.

The trauma drives Jensen and Ryder apart. They go their separate ways and basically run away from the trauma and the grief. Jensen leaves home because of the pain and for 13 years she lives with guilt and agony. During that time she marries her Art Professor and starts a new life, but one that is not fulfilling.

Then the call comes, Jensen's father, Sterling, is dying, he has a tumor in his brain and it's not looking good. Jensen heads home to find that not only is Ryder back in their home town, but he is now a brain surgeon and he is Sterling's doctor.

The story weaves on from there about the summer that Jensen's spends at home with her father and mother and all her old friends. She comes to deal with her grief and her pain. She comes to understand her marriage to Nic, her art professor. She comes to understand her pain of having walked away from Ryder.

Is this a Romance novel or a novel about how to deal with the pain of loosing someone? Well, both!

I love the writing. I love the story line of a summer spent at home, Jensen and her father learning to love each other again and re-live the old times. That part of the story is the best part and the longest part.

The fact that Jensen has to figure out her life and her love for Nic and Ryder is the secondary part, but it is probably the part that makes this a Romance novel.

You will be drawn in and won't be able to stop until you get the conclusion of the story.

I know you will love this book. Enjoy!

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