Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Eye of Heaven, by Clive Cussler

Most people would find that Archeology is a boring subject. Most people would find that adventurer's are more interesting. Well, if you combine the two you get Sam and Remi Fargo who love Archeology, but they also venture into hunts for treasure and lost historical sites like no one else.

Unfortunately this book was a bit on the more "boring" side of the scale. It seems as though a Cussler novel has finally lost some of it's high action excitement. I found that the situations were not as soul pounding excitement as what we have come to expect. The sense of urgent situations that might end in death and disaster just aren't as heart stopping as previously written works.

With that said we still have a classic Cussler novel where the good guys need to struggle to triumph over the bad guys. Janus Benedict is a thug who wants only to steal ancient artifacts for the sole purpose of selling them on the black market to make money. To add to his evil side he is also an arms dealer on a world class level who is helping tyrants arm their forces (although we don't ever see the culmination of any of those sales).

Benedict seems to want to follow the Fargo's and thwart every effort they have of bringing ancient artifacts back to the surface of the earth and returning them to the cultural departments of their respectful countries.

The Fargo's will be taken from the Ice and Glaciers of the North to the jungles of Mexico to track down the "Eye of Heaven." This is a gemstone that is reported by myth/history to be the size of a small car. It was buried with a "God" whom the ancient tribal people of Mexico revered and buried with a cache of loot that would make any treasure hunter wealthy.

The Fargo's will even have to break into a fortified facility in Cuba to research their task. Then they will have to travel to Laos to find a colleague who might be the only person alive who can translate the pictographs that they have uncovered.

So, there is adventure. There is the threat of danger and death. There is the fun that the Fargo's have together, and there is a nemesis that is trying to bring death and destruction. So, all in all a typical Cussler novel.

My only problem and why I gave only four stars is that it just doesn't have the pop and sizzle of the typical Cussler novel of the past.

But, if you are a Cussler fan as I am you will love the book.


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