Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Crossroads, by Barbara Cameron

This is a good story about two young Amish people who have "loved" each other since grade school. Emma loves her Amish life and is looking forward to getting married and raising children. Isaac is not so sure he loves the Amish life. He has moved out of his parents home and rented a small cottage and is enjoying his running around stage of life. He has taken to living like the English to the point of even drinking alcohol.

Emma is not sure she likes what Isaac is doing but she is tolerating his experimenting. But then he suddenly asks her to move in with him, before they get married. She is shocked and angered by his request. How could he think such a thing. They would be shunned by the community. She says no and their relationship seems to end.

The story will be about Isaac learning what is valuable to him. He will learn what life without Emma is like and will have to decide what he will do about joining the church. His friend Davy is working with him as a roofer and they seem to be headed the wrong way.

An accident on the job will jar Isaac into looking at life a bit different once again. What will the outcome be.

The story is nicely written and enjoyable to read. For my first time reading a Barbara Cameron novel I did enjoy it very much. I'm sure you will as well.

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