Friday, November 7, 2014

The Job, by Janet Evanovich

What a fun little read. Nick Fox is an international thief that has been on the FBI's 10 most wanted list. But the truth is that Kate captured him years before but the FBI kept it quiet as Nick helped them to find and put behind bars many other crooks. In the mean time Nick has had lots of fun living the good life and spending some of the spoils of his previous life.

One problem, he really likes Kate and she, well, she really likes him. But her task is to keep him out of trouble and to use him to help capture other criminals. So, when the call comes that Nick was caught on video tape stealing some pricey artwork the FBI is not pleased. Then he is caught in the act of another crime. Kate is sent to try and capture him, but before she can leave he contacts her to tell her that it is a set up and not him.

The story will unfold to bring about the Con Job of the century as Nick and Kate work together to capture the head of a drug cartel through an elaborate con that they devise. The FBI knows what they are doing, but still they are off grid and will be disavowed if caught. Forget that, if caught by the drug cartel no one will ever find the bodies.

The writing is really good. The cast of characters are very well developed and the story line is plausible and down right ingenious.

This is a great little read that everyone will enjoy.

From the FBI to Scotland Yard to the world's largest Drug Cartel the world will just get busy and fun.


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