Friday, November 28, 2014

The Kill List, by Nichole Christoff

Jaime Sinclair, the daughter of a U.S. Senator and former Army General has taken on a life vocation of being a Private Investigator who specializes in Security Issues. As the book starts out she is helping to catch a 'stalker' who is going after a Television Personality. In the process she almost looses her life, but she catches the stalker.

As soon as this situation seems to have resolved itself she is called by her former husband, an Army Colonel whose daughter has been kidnapped. Jaime will rush to the Army base to help in the process of finding the little girl. She will come in contact with a former friend, FBI agent Kev Jaeger. She will also meet a new friend, Lt. Colonel Adam Barrett who happens to be the head of the MP's at Leeds Army Base.

Together with Lt. Colonel Barrett Ms. Sinclair will help to uncover several different illegal situations as well as find our what happened to Little Brooke, the three year old diabetic who was kidnapped. And, if that is not enough she will face the issue of developing feelings for Lt. Colonel Barrett. 

But she and Lt. Colonel Barrett have past life issues that will make it impossible for them to develop a relationship, unless of course they can each come to the point of revealing past hurts and seeking the healing that they need.

The story is well written. The characters are developed in an amazing way for such a short book. There are plenty of plot twists and yet the whole thing is very realistic and believable. I love the way that Christoff develop's her story and ties several issues together from stalking to PTSD to illegal activity and kidnapping to family bullying and abuse issues. There are many talking points for this book and they are all easy to get into.

I enjoyed the book tremendously and would love for friends to read it so that we could sit down in a book club and dialogue about all the different issues that are raised.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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