Thursday, June 4, 2015

Discover the Jungle with Bangle the Lion, by Alexandra Godfrey

Children's stories are written to be simple, easy to read and fun for the child. Also they might try and teach a lesson as they go along. This book is one that is fun to read and also has a lesson throughout.

Bangle the Lion wants to find a friend, but he wants to find a friend on his terms. He finds many other animals that can be potential friends, Elephants, Giraffes, Monkeys, etc. But he finds that he doesn't like playing their games, he is not good at their games, he wants them to play his games.

He then meets a snake who dupes him into playing games by capturing him in a net. But along comes a Lemur who rescues Bangle from the net. Bangle goes with the Lemur and watches him play. Bangle is introduced to a Jaguar who is a grandfatherly figure and they have a good talk and Bangle learns some valuable truths and learns how to make friends and play their games and then they will play his.

The book is written in poetic prose, but at times to make the story flow that poetry breaks down. But the simple prose is also a good thing because the rhyming makes it easier for a child who is learning to read to follow along and catch on quickly and learn reading as well as rhyming.

The pictures are good, but I kind of wish they were a big bigger. Because of the pictures size and there being more written story than pictures I would think that this children's book is for those learning to read and able to get along with fewer pictures. This would not be my choice for a Toddler whom you want to read to while showing pictures.

I liked the book, so why just four stars? Well, because I wish the pictures were bigger.

But this is a great addition to a collection for your young child or grandchildren who are learning to read.

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