Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The President's Shadow, by Brad Metlzer

President Wallace is in trouble, someone is somehow getting passed security and into the Rose Garden and into Camp David. How are they doing it? What do they want? Why are they burying body parts?

The President decides that he needs to talk with Beecher White, the Archivist, and the head of the Culper Ring group. The Culper Ring members have dedicated themselves for over 200 years to protect the Presidency of the United States, not necessarily the man, but the institution, and thus, that means the person holding the position.

Beecher has taken control of the Culper Ring because his long time friend and leader, Tot, is in a coma in the local hospital after having been shot. Beecher is the one that the President turns to at this time because he feels that he can do the best job of finding out the truth of what is going on. But Beecher has an ulterior motive, he wants information on his father and what truly happened to him when he was in the military.

Also, the President thinks that Beecher is the only one that can find Nico, who has escaped and is believed to be the one out there planning on harming the President.

As being an employee of The National Archives, Beecher is able to get his hands on lots of documents and items that the normal public will never see. But he has been unable to get the files on his father and the unit he was a part of in the military.

So, the President offers him information for his help.

Thus starts the new adventure for Beecher White as he tries to desperately find Nico, find the truth, find the files on his father, and find the answers to the questions that have plagued him his whole life.

This second book in the Culper Ring Series was not as good as the first book, but it was a necessary book in the development of the Culper Ring Group and Beecher White. This gives us much more background information and builds the foundation so that the future books in the series can move from "How it all Started," to solving the new most pressing needs of the country and the President.

The book moves along OK, but it is not heart stopping thrills like it could have been.


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