Saturday, June 27, 2015

Measureless Night, by Chris Culver

Another chapter in the life of Sergeant Ash Rashid of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. This time he will be going up against a drug cartel and the Mexican Mafia. The book is well written, the procedures are good, the detective work is solid and the outcome is true to life, you're never sure if the bad guy will get what's coming to him.

Ten years earlier Ash Rashid and his partner were the detectives in a case that put Santino Ramirez behind bars and sitting on death row for the murder of Angel Herrera. But with just a week to go before the execution something is happening. All of the witnesses in the case are being stalked and murdered. Is it Ramirez gang that is doing this or someone else?

Ash Rashid gets drawn in as he guns down an innocent young black man who tries to invade his home because someone convinces him that Ash has murdered his sister. This tragic development is the catalyst to a full blown media blitz to try and get Ash Rashid fired, not to mention that he is already facing an IA investigation for a previous issue.

All this will come together to cause great stress and tension in Rashid's life as he does his best to track down the killers and bring peace and safety to the citizens of Indianapolis.

There will be plenty of issues to weed through. There will be good guys and villains. There will be villains that turn into good guys. There will be good guys that turn into villains. All this will come with a price and that price is purchased in blood.

How will Detective Ash Rashid come out of this? Will he have a job? Will he have his family? Will he have his sobriety?

The story is good and Chris Culver hits another solid home run with this novel.


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