Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Kill Box, by Nichole Christoff

This is the third book in the Jaime Sinclair, Private Investigator, series. I think each of the books has gotten better as the series progresses.

I want to thank the publisher and Net Galley for making a review copy of the book available to me. The book will be published on October 20, 2015. You can pre-order it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

In this case we start with Jaime Sinclair and Lt. Colonel Adam Barrett at her home in the Washington D.C. area. Lt. Colonel Barrett is still recovering from a broken leg that he sustained in the last book. Jaime has been taking care of him. Their relationship, well, it’s still complicated. They care for each other, but they have not yet plunged into the sexual side of things, for which I give the author great credit for keeping their relationship away from that entanglement at this time.

With just a couple of days to go before Adam gets the cast off his leg an old friend of his from home, Vance McCabe, shows up. His entrance is a bit different in that he comes holding Jaime’s housekeeper hostage with a gun to her head until Adam agrees to go with him back to their hometown to save a friend, Eric Wentz, from committing suicide.

Adam leaves and Jaime has no idea what is happening. Then Adams grandmother calls to ask Jaime to come to Fallowfield to bail Adam out of jail and make sure he is doing OK.

This starts a chain of events that will lead to old secrets, old loves, old hatreds and a murder to come to the surface. In all of this Adam doesn’t look too good. Especially when Jaime finds that he has been drinking and brawling and even punched out his old friend Luke who is now the town Sheriff.

Now as Jaime shows up things really start to unravel. First there are a couple of hikers found dead. Then Adam’s friend Eric commits suicide, or is it murder. Then more death and rumors of drug trafficking start to surface. Then Marc Sandoval, the DEA agent from Jaime’s last adventure shows up in town, undercover.

So, what is going on? Who is on a killing spree? Why does it seem that Adam is at the center of it all? And further, why is Adam telling Jaime that they should call it quits and she should leave town?

Through 260 pages of thrills, mystery, death, drugs and old history you will find that you are constantly wanting more, constantly second guessing everything and then you find yourself believing that you have it all figured out, when low and behold, nope, it was totally different that you thought, or at least sufficiently different that you can’t believe how the story ends.

This truly was a great piece of writing and one that I totally loved. Now I can’t wait for the next Jaime Sinclair novel.


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