Monday, November 23, 2015

Back Blast, by Mark Greaney

First of all I would like to thank Net Galley and the publisher for making a review copy of this book available to me in exchange for an unbiased review. The book will become available on February 16, 2016. You can pre-order it on Amazon or at iBooks or Barnes and Noble.

Court Gentry is one of the most deadly assets that the CIA has ever had. He has never failed to complete a mission that they have sent him on. Usually he worked from within a team of six operatives. Sometimes they would work with all six, some times with just two, but always with another member of the team.

But there was one time when the Director of the Clandestine services division approached the team and gave the other five men a leave of absence but asked Court to remain behind. He then assigned him to a solo mission. This was unusual but Court knew he could handle things on his own.

He did and the mission was again a success. But soon after a terminate order was put out on Court and the whole agency, plus others, wanted him dead and they went to great lengths to make it happen.

After five years of running from those after him Court decides to go back to America and get to the bottom of the terminate order and set the record straight.

Mark Greaney does an excellent job of weaving a story that is not only plausible but just down right frightening.

Court is good at his job and bodies start to pile up. But Court isn’t the one piling up the bodies as most people thing, OK so he does kill a few, but he only kills those that are not innocent. Those that are following orders he goes well out of his way to keep them alive.

Will Court get to the bottom of the issue? Will he terminate those that need to be terminated and save himself? Will he be brought back into the agency?

Those are questions that will get answered as you read.


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