Monday, November 30, 2015

The Saudi Strategy, by Ethan Jones

Justin Hall is again the center of attention as a crisis faces the nation of Canada. But most people don't know that there is a crisis. At the present time Justin is working on tracking down the terrorist responsible for attacks that happened in Book #7 of the series. In that book people close to Justin were killed and he wants to track down the terrorist and make sure that they can't hurt anybody else.

The question is this, is he tracking them down because of a sense of revenge or a sense of honor or a sense of duty to rid the world of terrorist? If he is tracking them down from a sense of revenge he needs to be careful. Revenge usually happens with a mind that is not totally focused on the best way to proceed and many operatives die because they get sloppy and make mistakes when acting out of revenge.

Justin and his partner Carrie are going to come under fire from not just one group of operatives but from at least two groups and maybe even more. The issue is that all these people get trigger happy and people other than those they are targeting get killed or wounded.

Can Justin and Carrie find those responsible for the terrorist work in Canada? Can Carrie find what she needs from the Russians in regards to the death / disappearance of her father? Will Justin step over the line and be booted from the Canadian Intelligence service?

Lots of questions, lots of action and as usual we find that Ethan Jones develops a story that is fast paced, heart stopping and also can add new characters to the plots that are happening.

Thanks Ethan for another great novel.

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