Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Last Codex, by Alan Jacobson

First of all I want to thank the publisher and Net Galley for making a review copy of this book available to me for an honest review.

I gave the book only three stars out of five.

I was a bit disappointed with this novel. It rambled on for way to long with too many detours to the real event, which was to find the Lost Codex from the Dead Sea Scrolls that would indicate that the historic Jesus was really a myth, something made up by the countless intellectuals of their day.

A team of operatives from several agencies are tasked with tracking down the Codex as well as tracking down some terrorist that are bent on bringing mayhem to the world. They must traverse through many countries, especially ones that they aren't welcome in because of past incidents. One of those countries being England of all places. Since when does England have a problem with America running operations on their soil, as long as we are partnering for the same thing?

The characters are very well developed and there is a concern about a Muslim Operative among the group that maybe is not all that he seems to be. The Jewish operative is nervous about him and wondering if they have made a mistake in bringing him along. He keeps disappearing and then the team comes under fire. Is this operative orchestrating the attacks on the team to disrupt their work? That is a big question.

The operatives end up splitting up to try and finish the task, but what team would really do that?

Finally, there seems no cognitive resolution to the situation. We are left a bit hanging as to what the final outcome truly is.

I was disappointed in the novel, although I liked the many scenes and situations that the operatives found themselves in. I just couldn't find a good hero or heroine to really latch on to.

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