Monday, February 3, 2014

Another Crime Novel with a Vigilante - really good, really intriguing, well written

Alan Brenham writes with a clear distinct style that invites the reader in and keeps them turning pages until they are satisfied with the end result (which doesn't happen until the end of the book, which is nice since some writers forget that). His research is excellent on police procedure and his study of human nature is without flaw. He captures both well and his writing educates you while also entertaining you.

Jason Scarsdale, the detective, is a frustrated depressed man. He lost his wife five weeks earlier when she was killed in a car accident (which he thinks was his fault). He lost a slam dunk case against a pedophile when the jury let him off with a not guilty verdict (actually it is the DA's office who lost the case). Now the question he has is this, do I commit suicide because of my grief and pain over the loss of my wife, or do I continue to live so that I can provide for my five year old daughter and not rob her of both parents?

Then enter Dani Mueller, the police profiler. She also is overcoming grief. She lost her 10 year old daughter to a pedophile who also got off free and clear two years earlier. But she didn't take the loss lying down. Instead she waited, found her courage (if you can call it that) and with a thrust of a knife found the revenge that she wanted. Now she thinks she should do the same for the Crowley family who lost their daughter and watched the criminal walk free.

The two lives, Scarsdale and Mueller, intersect over this case. They get to know each other and develop a relationship that is convoluted by the details of their lives, and especially by the fact that Dani wanted to kill Lastier, the criminal, and Scarsdale is trying to find who actually did kill Lasiter.

Brenham builds the suspense of the story masterfully. He continues to build that suspense, chapter after chapter and further delves into the issue of pedophiles and the pain they inflict not just on their victims, but also on their victims families.

The book is well worth the small $2.99 Kindle price. You'll have an enjoyable few days digesting the story.


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