Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mystery, Child Abduction and a Love Story, all in one.

What an interesting Ruth Galloway novel.  As always Elly Griffiths writes an amazingly good novel that weaves several themes together to draw Ruth Galloway and DCI Harry Nelson back together.  Ruth is doing a dig at a location where they believe they have unearthed the infamous Jemima Green a woman hanged about 150 years earlier for allegedly killing off the young children in her care.

DCI Nelson is on the case of a missing child who may or may not have been abducted by his "childminder." Nelson, Judy, Clough and Tim are trying their hardest to solve the case before the child dies. They do work out the case only to have another child go missing.  This is Judy's child.  So now the team is on the search to find one of their own.

Now, why do I say that love is in the air?  Well, Griffiths introduces Frank Barker, an historian, from the United States.  He has come to help with the filming of a documentary on Jemima Green.  He and Ruth are going to be filmed.  But funny thing, he and Ruth hit it off and there is a good tension between them.  Frank a widower and Ruth the unattached who has never looked for attachment.

Then there is Cathbad and Judy.  Their love tension rises again and starts to get more of the story line. Oh, and there is always the love between DCI Nelson and his wife and yet his love for his daughter, Kate, who is Ruth's child.

All in all the writing is vintage Griffiths and the story will draw you in and keep you reading until the very end.

I don't want to say more because I might spoil things for you.  This is a great read.  Enjoy.

If you haven't read Griffiths works before you might want to start with one of the earlier books so that you get to know the Characters better before diving into this one, just a thought :)

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