Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Maybe One Day, by Melissa Kantor

Olivia and Zoe are sophomores in high school and have been in the same dance/ballerina classes together since they were little kids. Everything has been done together. So, the day comes that the New York Ballet Club announces to the girls that they are through, they are being cut from the program. This isn't just a bump in the road it is a roadblock that says, Ballet is not for you.

How will the girls react? Zoe throws away all her ballerina stuff, Olivia though goes to a rec center for poor children and starts teaching a ballet class. Which girl handles it best? Well, that's a good question. Just one of many good questions that the book will bring up.

As most teen novels this one will deal with the issues of friendship, bullies, cheerleaders gone wrong, athletes who are snobs, geeks who no one seems to get and then the two ballerinas who spend every waking minute going to school then going to dance and dance and dance some more.

How will the girls handle the rejection of the NYBC? How will their lives change? How will they explain to friends? How will they deal with a crush on a boy that is "off limits"? All these subjects pull together to make a great read.

Add to that one of the girls coming down with Leukemia. That adds a new dimension to the story. How they deal with it is what brings the joy in reading and learning and thinking, how would I handle this situation.

Your teen will enjoy the book and it will bring up many good life lessons to talk about.

No spoilers here, just read and enjoy and let your emotions go along for the ride and see where they take you.


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