Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hello from the Gillespies, by Monica McInerney

What a fun book to read. It is rather long, but it is so enjoyable that you won't feel like it has taken you that long to read.

Each year Angela Gillespie writes a Christmas Letter to send to all of the family and friends. She and her family live in Australia and are posted at an Outback Station. The letters always give fun stories of the family, facts about the children and their antics and laughable issues of what happens on an Outback Station.

But with the kids grown and for the most part gone, there is more time to sit down and think about the Christmas letter. Unfortunately Angela gets a bit to honest and writes a letter that gives out more of her frustrations and the honest truth about life in the Outback than what she intended. The letter gets sent and well as you can imagine it strikes a nerve with it's readers who are a bit shocked and amazed at the honest letter that they have received.

The consequences are enlightening and funny. The truth of the letter brings more response than any other Christmas letter they have ever sent. The drama that will unfold will keep you intrigued, inspired, laughing, crying and well, just feeling good that there are honest families in the world that have had some of the same struggles that your family has had.

This is a Christmas Letter worth reading.


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