Thursday, October 2, 2014

Spectrum, by Alan Jacobson

This book will be available on October 7, 2014.  I want to thank the publisher and author for allowing me to have an advance copy to read. I really enjoyed the book.  Below is my review.

Karen Vail is a cop’s cop. She is everything a department wants in a new recruit that can be molded into a model cop. Unfortunately she breaks the mold. She has good instincts and is able to always think outside the box. That is what brings her to the attention of Isidore Proschetta, her training officer at the academy.

He teams her up with Carmine Russo, a Detective, and well, the rest is history. Russo takes Vail under his wing and starts to teach her everything he knows. Unfortunately for him she knows more than he does at times. She thinks differently.

Vail will eventually leave the NYPD and join the FBI and become part of the BAU, Behavioral Analysis Unit. She will become a Profiler that will set the stage for many new things in the FBI and law enforcement.

The main gist of this novel is a Serial Killer, Hades, who is giving the NYPD all kinds of grief, especially Russo and Vail. It will take them over20 years to come to a conclusion on this case. But getting there will be quite the adventure for all involved.

The story is well written. The details are amazing. The outlining of the BAU and how the FBI started to bring this together is great. Karen Vail is just down right amazing.

The novel has two story lines running. One from the 1970’s and then Vail’s career staring in the 1990’s. But eventually the two stories will come together and bring you all the info you need to start making assumptions about who the serial killer is.

I won’t say much more about that as I don’t want to give anything away.

My only concern with the novel was the length. It at times seems to be a rambling narrative that takes us to places that we don’t know why we have to go there. But in the long run it all pulls together and makes plenty of sense.

While I think it is a bit too long, I wasn’t bored. I wanted to get through the book and find out all that happens. I was hooked.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves law enforcement books. You will get hooked and love it.


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