Friday, October 24, 2014

The Shadows of Christmas Past, by Christine Feehan


This being a romance novel written by a secular writer means that there are some sections that my Christian readers might not appreciate. Let me again say that you can just skip those three to six pages of text and move on in the story and not miss a thing. But before you let your teenage read you might want to read it yourself. With that said, here is my review:

Maia Armstrong has a gift. She is the perfect veterinarian. She seems to be able to heal any wounds on any animals. She also has an uncanny ability to calm the animals down while she works with them. So, why if she is so good does she travel from place to place filling in for other doctors? Why doesn't she have her own clinic?

Oh, and did I mention that she is beautiful? Not only that she is a great drummer. When she is not working she likes to go to the local bar and fill in with local bands as their drummer. She is really good.

Then there is Cole Steele. He is aloof from everyone. He is hard, strong willed, intimidating and is a bad boy to the bone. He left home as soon as he could because of an overly abusive father. Since he has been away he has spent time in jail, intimidated way to many people and seduced his share of woman, never settling down.

But he has returned to town because his father has been murdered and he has discovered that he has a half brother, Jase, whom he has never known about or meant. His fourteen year old half brother needs a guardian. Cole returns to fill that role.

Oh, and as an aside the murdered father has left each of his sons 32 million dollars as their inheritance.

But the town people think that Cole probably killed his father and is planning on killing his half brother to get the full inheritance.

Cole and Jase go to town to have dinner and run into Maia. To say that Cole is intrigued is a light statement. He is captivated.

Through a series of events Maia, Cole and Jase will end up spending Christmas together. Will it be a disaster or will it be healing for to very hurt young men?

The story is very well written. The tension that is raised is amazing. The characters are each developed in perfect harmony to the story and the secrets of each ones past comes to the surface as they learn to trust each other and care for each other.

This is just a perfect Christmas read for anyone wanting that special heartwarming story.


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