Friday, October 31, 2014

History of the World in 1,000 Objects

What a truly fun and amazing book. First of all be aware that this book weighs a bunch. When the package first showed up from Amazon I didn't think it was a book, it was just too heavy. But upon opening it up here was this treasure inside that is becoming one of my favorite fun things to look through, read and learn from.

No I have not finished the entire book, that will take a long time. But what is so amazing are the pictures of the items that are being described and the stories that they tell.

The book is laid out by different time periods of history. Then within those time periods they have amassed pictures of items from pottery to petticoats. Then they describe each item and it's relationship to that period of history.

As a reference book this will be a fun addition to any library, your children can start looking through it and find items of interest that will help them create even more informed essay's on history for their education. I think also that this will help teach kids and adults alike about history in a fun way. It truly is a stunning piece of work and one that you will not want to hide away, but place on a coffee table and keep handy for times of learning and enjoyment.

I think also this would be a great addition to a home library for those who home school, your kids will love it.


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