Monday, January 19, 2015

Dubiosity, by Christy Barritt

A wonderful Christian Novel that actually has a story line that is top notch mystery. I have to say that Christy Barritt seems to understand how to build suspense, how to build mystery, how to weave a story so that you think you have it figured out only to discover that you don't. She has several potential protagonist who could be the killer, but truly you won't know which one is truly the killer until the end of the book.

We have to people, Savannah and Clive, who have had tragedy in their lives. They have both lost their spouses to violence. For Savannah she also lost her young child. Savannah is an investigative reporter who went a bit to far and it cost her family their lives. She has moved to Cape Thomas to escape from her past and the pain of the death of her husband and child. She is just laying low and not wanting any relationships, most of all she doesn't want anything more to do with God.

Clive on the other hand has just gotten out of jail (convicted of murder) on a technicality. He has come to Cape Thomas to try and find the true murderer and get justice. He will rent a small cottage on Savannah's property and that is when they both start to feel an attraction to each other.

But there is mystery in Cape Thomas. People are dying. People are disappearing. The local police don't appear to have much concern about solving the issues.

Savannah and Clive will each work at solving their own mysteries only to discover that they are folded in on each other.

Will they solve the mystery before one or both of them are murdered?

It's a great story and one I am sure you will enjoy reading.

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