Friday, January 16, 2015

Not a Book, but Hidden Video Recording Sunglasses

I was sent a free set of these sunglasses by IBSound to experiment with in exchange for a review on Amazon. I really like these glasses.  You can find the product at the following link on Amazon:

Wonderful little gadget and the price won't break your bank account. The only thing that I would recommend is that you purchase a Micro SD card to put into the glasses for a better storage device and retrieval system, at least it was for me.

The glasses come with a hard case to store them in, which is nice. There is also a USB cable included for you to charge the unit. There is a good little instruction manual that is surprisingly nice since the product was made in China and sometimes their instruction manuals can be burdensome.

What comes in the box?
1. The glasses
2. A USB cable for charging the unit
3. A soft cloth for cleaning the glasses
4. The instruction manual
5. A hard shell case for storing the glasses

What to do first?
1. Plug the device into a power source (i.e. your computer or a power station) using the USB cable so that you can fully charge the device. They needs to be done before you try to connect it to your computer.
2. Read the instructions completely
3. Plug in a Micro SD card (not sold with the glasses)
4. Wait for the glasses to charge completely. I left them charging overnight and that worked well, although in checking on them I believe that they fully charged in about three hours.

Now for the fun!
1. Turn the unit on and start recording
2. I took them for a spin when I went out to feed the Shetland Pony. They worked great.
a. They recorded my entire chore of about 30 minutes
b. They recorded what I looked at, OK, so I have to learn how to use the glasses
1) Often I was too close to my subject and the glasses only got the fur
2) Sometimes I looked at just the ground and so that is what was in the video
c. Don't forget that it is recording sound as well as video, some any stupid comment you make is recorded
3. Move the camera to just picture mode
a. use the on/off button to snap a picture
b. the camera does a good job of being in focus no matter what you do
c. the pictures come out very clear and detailed, I was surprised by their quality

After your recording session:
1. I went back inside and removed the Micro SD card fro the glasses
2. I plugged the card into my MacBook Pro and it recognized the card immediately
3. I had four file folders showing
a. Photos
b. Videos
c. Recordings (although I am not sure what this one was)
d. a text file with info on the Micro SD card
4. I pulled up the jpeg photos and was surprised at how clear they were and the detail in them, it was great.
5. I opened one of the video files, it went through a "conversion" mode and then the video opened.
a. I went to full screen mode
b. The picture had the usual start/pause and volume buttons
c. There was a date and time stamp on the video

I did not try to edit the video yet, but it did open in my video editing program, so that won't be a problem.

Things I learned:
1. The glasses record exactly what you look at, so you will have to learn how to make these work well for the video you want to shoot. Keep in mind that the closer you get to an object the more it takes up the screen of the video and you loose some clarity of the subject.
2. Keeping the unit fully charged is in your best interest, that way it doesn't die during a video you care about. So, when not in use, charge it up.
3. It takes time to get use to the flashing lights and to understand fully what they mean
4. It is easier to use a Micro SD card than the internal storage (at least for me, I am 61 years old so I learn slowly :)
5. The USB cable that comes with it is a bit different than other charging cables, the end that goes into the glasses is a bit larger than many other charging devices, such as my Kindle charging device.
6. The camera does not have a zoom in or zoom out function, so your zooming in is determined by how close you get to the object you are recording.

1. Price
2. Ease of use
3. Quality of pictures
4. Length of video recording

1. Your learning curve to get your subjects framed well in the picture using the glasses
2. The Micro SD card does snap in place and you use your finger to eject it by pushing in and letting it pop out, but it is not as solid in action as other devices I have, I am wondering if it will eventually not work well, but so far so good.
3. The frames are a plastic design, they should last well, but maybe making the glasses in a higher dollar cost with a more flexible frame system (such as Oakley's) would be to the advantage of IBSound as well as giving the consumer a choice of glasses quality.

Overall, I love this little gadget. It took me a while to get it all figured out and working mainly because I waited to buy the Micro SD card. But getting the card at the same time you buy the product will be good.

I used a MacBook Pro computer for viewing the product and had no problems. I know that some reviewers using a Window's based system had some trouble, I didn't find any of their problems in using it with my Mac.


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