Tuesday, January 6, 2015

One Wish, by Robyn Carr

When Grace Dillon moves to Thunder Point it is because she has purchased the little flower shop on main street. She has bought it from Iris, whose mother had owned the store until she died. Grace has learned her flower technique from friends in Portland where she mentored for a couple of years.

It doesn’t surprise Iris that Grace paid cash, why we don’t know. There should have been questions, but there weren’t. Iris didn’t even think to ask about Grace’s past.

There is a secret that Grace has, but no one is going to break down that wall she has built and find out the secret. Iris and Grace become best friends.

Iris had a problem, it was a high school teacher named Troy Headley who didn’t seem to get it that Iris wasn’t romantically interested in him. She just wanted to be friends. But when Iris finally married her childhood crush, Seth, Troy got the message.

He knew Grace because she was Iris’s best friend in town. But he didn’t know Grace. He took a chance and asked her out, hoping for a friendship, what he got was a bunch more.

Troy has no secrets. He has no major past. He has no baggage. But little Gracie seems to and he wonders what it is.

The story is wonderful and well written. Can Troy earn Gracie’s trust and thus get to learn her secrets? Can they both find true love? Can they overcome obstacles that they don’t even see when they start to date? Those are all the questions that must be answered.

I love the Thunder Point series and getting to know all the people who live there. Robyn Carr does a great job of helping you to fall in love with the place. Who knew there could be so much romance and hidden secrets in such a small town.


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