Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Kill Shot, by Nichole Christoff

I enjoy a good mystery, spy novel, military novel, Private Investigator novel and political thriller. This novel has the potential for all of that. It involves each aspect as much as possible and then they are woven together for a good read.

I only had one small problem with the story; Jaime Sinclair is a Private Investigator, the daughter of a Military man and now a U.S. Senator. But franklin she left something to be desired in the investigative skill in this novel. Christoff writes the story with plenty of subterfuge and misdirection. There are plenty of characters who might be the bad guy or the good guy, but you aren’t sure. But what bothered me was the fact that there were little things Jaime should have seen or recognized that would have lead her to a quicker resolution of the issue.

Maybe she was too caught up in the relational/love angels that kept coming her way and they clouded her judgment, but her judgment was clouded and that shouldn’t have really happened.

So, with my frustration put aside (I figured things out long before Jaime) I tried to enjoy the story for the gist of what was happening. That I was able to do and enjoyed the writing.

There are some other issues with how someone can infiltrate a secret military site, but that will be left for another discussion.

Jaime Sinclair and Lt. Colonial Adam Barrett will be tasked with helping a defecting Dr. of Physics leave a Middle Eastern Country and defect to the U.S. They will do all in their power to make her transfer safe and easy, but the Middle Eastern country doesn’t want to loose their prized physicists’ and will do everything in their power to get her back.

Then add the British to the mix and their desire to retain the good doctor for themselves and you have a three way circus of events that will keep the story moving, changing and rambling toward an end that will not make any of the three groups happy.

I enjoyed Ms. Christoff’s first book I read very much. I enjoyed this book as well, but not as much as the other. I think there are some small changes that would have made the story more believable and more exciting, but that is just me.


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