Sunday, December 28, 2014

Protection Detail, by Shirlee McCoy

I want to thank the publisher for making a copy of this book available in Advance Reader form so that I could give it a read and provide an unbiased review. The book will be available on Amazon on March 15, 2015.

The story is that of the Capitol K-9 unit in our nations Capitol. The unit was designed to provide a police officer and K-9 unit that could respond to crimes or provide protection to our nations leadership. The thought is good and as we know K-9 units across the U.S. provide great services to our communities. They have also been developed for good work with our Military in combat situations.

For a crime novel though I found the book a bit underrated. The author didn’t seem to catch that tense crime scene writing that I have grown to love with other writers. Having been a Police Chaplain and watching K-9 units in work I find them fascinating.

McCoy does a good job of detailing how well a dog can be used to help protect and track down a criminal. That part of the book is done very well.

What I found troublesome is that this was more a romance novel that didn’t quite work. The two main characters just didn’t have a good development of character, as far as I’m concerned. The story also is so short that I think the author could have added another 100 pages, developed the plot and the characters more and she would have had a great novel.

The main plot is that a Senator’s son has been murdered and the Senator shot and wounded. A home that he built and funds for Foster Kids is just next-door. One of those Foster Kids saw what happened and the killer is doing his best to track him down and do away with the witness.

The House Mother confronts the Killer on her porch, by accident, and now he wants to eliminate her as well.  Enter our K-9 and his handler. They will do their best to keep everyone safe and solve the crime.

Again, I think the plot could be developed more and the tension developed further.

It’s not a bad read and very quick (less than a day), but just a bit disappointing to me.

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