Friday, December 26, 2014

The Doctors Cowboy, by Trish Milburn

First of all I want to thank the publisher for making a copy of this book available to me to read and review before the release date of the book. You can Pre-Order this book on Amazon or wait for it to come to a store near you. The release date is March 2015

Wyatt Kelly is a cowboy who follows the Rodeo Circuit. He is also someone with a secret. He is a wanderer. He doesn't have roots anywhere. He doesn't appear to have any family either. By most accounts he is a down on his luck cowboy who makes no money but loves to ride Bull's in the main events.

Dr. Chloe Brody is a young doctor who loves her job. She has roots that run down deep. She lives with her father and two brothers on the family ranch in Texas. They have a family history and legacy. They have money, they have friends, they have everything. But tragedy did strike their home. Dr. Brody's mother was killed in a car crash when Chloe was just a small girl. Her father never re-married. The grief has been much.

Chloe does not do relationships well, either do her two brothers. Probably this is because of the pain of the loss of their mother and the fact that they have watched their dad grieve and not remarry because he lost the one true love he would ever have. So, don't get close to anyone, they might leave you and cause pain.

Wyatt Kelly rides the bull of a lifetime, and doesn't end well. He gets gored twice by the bull and thrown around the arena. When he is hauled into the Emergency Room at the local hospital it is Chloe who is the physician on duty. The injury is significant and needs immediate surgery. It is life threatening. So, she calls the surgeon on call and prepares the patient.

Wyatt on the other hand, even though in extreme pain, starts to flirt with the pretty doctor, if nothing else to take his mind off the pain.

Both Wyatt and Chloe feel something happening, but what?

The story is well written, the conclusion is pretty obvious, but the getting there is all the fun. You will love the dialogue and the relationship building that goes on. This is a book that you will want to read another time after a while.


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